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forensic Services

court ordered evaluations

Forensic  services include Court-ordered child custody evaluations and comprehensive psychological evaluations for children, adolescents, and adults. I have broad, extensive forensic psychological experience gained over many years.

What to expect
forensic psychological

Dr. Weatherly will discuss with the referral source the specific referral questions to be answered via psychological testing, and will then contact you to schedule the assessment appointment. On the day of testing, plan to spend 3-4 hours in the office. A comprehensive clinical interview will be conducted by Dr. Weatherly, and several standardized psychometric testing instruments will be administered by Dr. Weatherly or a trained psychometrician. Results will be compiled and delivered to the referral source in a hard copy or electronic comprehensive assessment report several weeks after the in-person appointment. 

Child Custody Evaluations
*the practice is full - No new child custody evaluations are being accepted at this time


Child Custody Evaluations (formerly called Social Study Evaluations) are complex, comprehensive court-ordered evaluations that assist Courts in deciding matters related to the custody, parenting, and access/visitation of children. Services are ordered by Judges when parents cannot agree on parenting plans for themselves. (See AFCC, 2006) When conducting a child custody evaluation my goal is to examine the ways in which each parent contributes to the physical, emotional, and social development of the child or children in question and to make recommendations to the court as to what appears to be in the child or children’s best interests. ​

Child custody evaluations are conducted by court appointment only. This typically means that both of the parties and/or attorneys agree to the appointment before submitting an order to the court (and then to my office). In addition to being a TX State Licensed Psychologist, my qualifications include doctoral level training in personality, child development, psychopathology, behavioral research and family dynamics. 

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